Challengers Lining Up Against Incumbent Governor DeWine

Governor Mike DeWine will face challengers in his re-election bid, not just from Democrats, but from within his own party as well.

Democrat challengers include former Dayton mayor Nan Whaley and former Cincinnati mayor John Cranley. The pair selected running mates this week for a hopeful challenge next November. Cranley selected state senator Teresa Fedor (D-Toledo) while Whaley tapped Cuyahoga Council Vice President Cheryl Stephens. Cranley, whose platform includes removing the entire public utilities commission following the scandal surrounding House Bill 6, chose Fedor, who was one of only three Senate Democrats to support House Bill 6.

Primary challengers from within the GOP include farmer Joe Blystone and former Congressman Jim Renacci. Over the last month, the two GOP hopefuls have made headlines by selecting their running mates. Blystone selected U.S. Marine Corps veteran Jeremiah Workman, a Marion native, as his running mate. The political outsiders hope to use a grassroots campaign to win enough votes to unseat DeWine as the Republican nominee. Last month, Renacci selected Dayton-area filmmaker Joe Knopp. Knopp’s credits include a pro-life drama titled Unplanned and a pro-Donald Trump documentary titled The Trump I Know

Ohio’s partisan primary elections will take place on May 22 with the general election taking place on November 8.

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