Twenty-Seven Lineworkers Graduate from COLT in 2022

A total of 27 individuals will have graduated from OEC’s Central Ohio Lineworker Training (COLT) program by the end of 2022, 26 of which are employees of electric cooperatives. The COLT program provides elite hands-on apprentice and journeyman lineworker training and most graduates spend four years in the program, completing 12 one-week-long classes to become first class lineworkers. Click here to learn more about the COLT program and its state-of-the-art facilities. 

Pictured from L-R are those who recently graduated from COLT: Wesley Yors, Adam Nihiser, Josh Snider, Nick Wurzbach, Codi Dornick, Dakota Hornak, Austin Jackson, Elias Markley, Levi Brandt.

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